Perforated profiles

In cases when providing of ventilation or semitransparent metal coating is necessary, best choice is Pan perforated profiles.

A combination of mechanical properties of profiled sheets with aesthetic or functional benefits of perforated surfaces, we created a unique products that enables realization of the most demanding design and engineering projects.

In addition to the standard dimensions and arrangement of openings and other variations that provides different levels of transparency are possible.

  • CE znak
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
Perforated profiles

Perforation examples


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Use of perforation on Pan metal sheets

Pan-T2 Pan-T10 Pan-T18 Pan-T40 Pan-T60 Pan-T150 Pan-S18 Pan-S27
Pan-LT18 Pan-LT40 Pan-LS18 Pan-LS27 Pan-C15 Pan-C40 Pan-F Ks / Kz

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