Pan Komerc® is fully committed to deliver durable, recognizable, high quality products which fully comply with our customers demands and expectations.

CE mark

In 2011 Pan Komerc® first Serbian company that acquired CE mark for profiled metal sheets for roofing and facades.

What CE mark stands for? 
Products labeled with CE mark are sold in EU market and they meet the demands of European standards which guarantee safe use (including safety, health and environmental regulations). The product needs CE mark in order to be sold on the EU market.

As an exporter for many years, Pan Komerc® has met strict demands of EN14782 standard for sheet metal products and therefore provided additional security and quality of Pan roofing and wall profiles. Product quality control is being performed daily in our manufacturing plant alongside of rigorous testing that our products passed in certified institutes and laboratories.


ISO 9001

Pan Komerc® has implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2008 in 2004 with assistance and regulations of German technical service TUV SUD.

ISO 9001:2008 signifies that company operates according to defined strict criteria in order to achieve quality of products, services and customer satisfaction. Every process in Pan Komerc®, from customer support to the manufacture process control, meets this standard.

ISO 14001

Pan Komerc® has implemented quality management system ISO 14001:2004 in 2013 with assistance and regulations of German technical service TUV SUD.

ISO 14001:2004 signifies that our manufacturing process does not pollute the environment and prevent potential adverse impacts. By purchasing our products you assist in achieving this goal.


All materials Pan Komerc® uses in the production have a unique attest of quality and technical characteristics which guarantee the origin, physical and chemical properties of sheet metal.

That way, the buyers are guaranteed that the material they requested is what they indeed purchased, having complete insight in all material properties. Pan Komerc is permanently committed to the continuous and reliable raw material supply, exclusively from selected, approved suppliers.

Like raw material used, our metal roofing profiles also have passed rigorous testing programme by certified Institute for materials and construction on Belgrade Faculty of Civil Engineering. In addition, physical and chemical properties of materials used in our production are tested in Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade. These cerificates confirm the load bearing capacity for every tested profile which provides additional security when designing and instaling profiles for significant projects. It's worth mentioning that Pan Komerc® is the only company of its kind in Serbia that acquired these certificates.


excelence sme

Excellent SME Serbia

By choice of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and credit-Coface, Pan Komerc® Ltd. is classified as a successful and reliable company.

What is Excellent SMEs? Electronic certificate "Excellent SME" certificate is designed in the spirit of the EU directive on the promotion of successful companies, with the purpose not only to promote successful companies and good business practices, but also increase the transparency of operations and safety and consumer protection.

Electronic certificate Excellent SME award by Serbian Chamber of Commerce and industry, in cooperation with Coface, which is a leading provider of business information and receivables management in Central and Eastern Europe, whose activities cover the whole cycle of profiling customers to prudential reports and claims management, and risk assessment of 157 countries.

Certificate Excellent SME an be assigned only to a company that is rated above 6 Coface credit rating, on a scale of 1 to 10. It's based on SafeSigned web sites technology, and its presence on the web site testifies to the effectiveness, accountability and credibility of the company.

Quality Policy and Environmental Protection

Pan Komerc® is fully committed to deliver durable, recognizable and high quality products in order to preserve its reputation and increase market share.

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Vip Biz Partner 2014 acknowledgment

Pan Komerc® received award in the category The most successful family businesses in Serbia, which are awarded by companies Vip mobile, Chapter 4 and Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

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Nova vizura 2015 acknowledgment

At the 41st International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE 2015, Korra® roof panels won a prestigious award NOVA VIZURA in the category of construction materials.

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