As the world’s leading steel and mining company, Liberty Steel Group is built on: sustainability, quality and leadership. Long-term collaboration and mutual success are the proof that in Pan Komerc we recognize a partner which shares our vision - together we are transforming tomorrow.

If you are searching for a reliable partner, a company which always looks towards quality and continuous improvement in meeting client requests, you can choose Pan Komerc.

Aneta Gosevska
Account Manager - ArcelorMittal, Macedonia

Over the years they have proven themselves as a very professional, trustworthy partner. They are always going above and beyond to meet their customers' needs.

Ovidiu Pascutiu
General Manager Europe, Fletcher Building - Roof tile group


KnaufI G

The company Pan Komerc supply us for many years with profiled plates in the usual high quality. A smooth flow in conjunction with a high punctuality are the outstanding characteristics. Keep it up!!!

Mr. Steffen Reiffenrath
Purchasing sector - Walter-Patz (Knauf-interfer gruppe), Seigen Germany

During September 2015 I had a chance do observe production in company Pan Komerc and to come up with suggestions for organization improvements. Quality of products as well as the quality of used materials are the essence of Pan Komerc successful business. This is surely main factor for purchasing choice with addition of financial aspects.

Every employee with his/hers responsible and independent work contributes to maximum customer satisfaction. This approach is being achieved with following principles:

  • Production at highest level of quality
  • Additional services which are very useful to the customers
  • Professionalism and dedication at all levels to ultimate customer satisfaction

Sebastian Summerer
Engineer / expert, Senior experts service, Bonn, Germany



We have longterm and successful cooperation with company Pan Komerc. Transparency, responsibility and dedication are just some of the characteristics which dominate your business. You are extraordinary colleagues and a good model of successful business, you are helping other companies too to achieve their goals.

You are playing the quality card and you work on your weak points in order to improve them. You are not satisfied with “it's good” and you go for “it's excellent”.You are the example of company which proved that success often comes to those who are too busy to search for it.

Biljana Drndarević
Managing Director - Drim doo Požega

Dear associates, I wish there is more companies like Bohor and Pan Komerc. That way I would be sure that our children are going to better and brighter future. By joining forces and based on our successful cooperation so far we are strengthening our companies and creating a better future in Serbia for generations to come.

Predrag Đokić
General Manager - Bohor, Užice



Company Pan Komerc is our supplier of profiled metal sheets for last five years. Quality of products and high partner reliability are two main reasons for our intention to intensify our cooperation in the future. Additionally we would like to express our gratitude for cooperation that we had so far.

Dorica Oman Brank
Assistant Director - Zora Domžale, Slovenija

Pan Komerc is our sheet metal supplier which we distribute across whole Montenegro for many years. Why we chose Pan Komerc? Because in their business we recognized ourselves: company that's been built on the foundations of true family values, high level of expediency and professionalism of employees and, what is most important – unprecedented product quality. Wide range of Pan Komerc products give us the opportunity to quickly meet any demands from architects, investors or end customers. We are glad that Kips and Pan Komerc established solid cooperation in which we believe in and we will improve in the years to come.

Jovan Mitrić
Commercial Chief - building materials sector and heavy metal industry - KIPS d.o.o. Crna Gora


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