Products installation

With Pan Komerc® or our partners vehicles we can deliver all materials to construction sites throughout Serbia. Also, our experienced teams can install purchased metal sheets with a guarantee on work quality up to 2 years.

Shipping and transport

Thanks to our own vehicles and cooperation with our distributors, we are able to deliver Pan Komerc® products to each of our costumers across Serbia. Regardless of the ordered product type, required quantity and destination, we are ready to organize delivery to your address as soon as possible.

Using our transport services we guarantee you a flawless accuracy, precision and safety, that products will be delivered in the required quantity and quality, because we relate to work professionally taking care of the appropriate product packaging, handling and loading.


Products installation

Installing of roof and facade coverings is the most sensitive part of construction process. Unless it's performed with high quality and care, it may lead not only to permanent defect of profiled sheets, but could cause serious damage to the roof construction as well as the object itself, because of leaking and similar side effects.

Aware of the importance on this fact, we developed a network of teams of professional installers which covers the entire territory of Serbia, ready to respond to any challenge on the field. If you choose our services, you won't need to worry about the planning, construction works and object protection during the installation, because we guarantee on quality of our services with 2 years warranty.


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