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Sheet metal buying guide

Sheet metal thickness

Sheet metal thickness directly influences load capacity of metal profiles and their resistance to physical damage and pressure. Thickness has to be clearly marked and in line with manufacturer`s load tables which is approved by authorized institute. Thickness reduction can influence profile weight and therefore it`s price. Profiles with smaller thicknesses require more support beams (which cost more) and it is easily damaged during installation and severe weather. When comparing sheet metal with different thicknesses, corner can be folded several times and that difference is easily spotted. In our production we use sheet metal with thickness 0.5 mm or higher while lower thicknesses are not recommended for roofing profiles. Minimal roofing profile thickness which is recommended by European Construction Directive is 0.6 mm which can be used as a lightning conduction system.

Zinc coating

Zinc is primary protective layer that prevents steel base from rusting. Zinc also has an ability to cover small exposed steel surfaces over time (cutting lines, drilling holes, etc.). Zinc coating is measures in gr/m2 and it has to be clearly labeled and marked in the technical certificate. Pan Komerc uses sheet metal with 140 gr/m2 zinc coating or higher. Any zinc coatings bellow 140 gr/m2 significantly decrease resistance and lifetime of steel sheet metal.

Sheet metal origin

Pan Komerc® exclusevely uses sheet metal produced by world`s largest steel supplior Arcelor-Mittal®. That way we ensure continious quality of our products with no variations in sheet metal properties. It is paramount to be informed about sheet metal origin when buying or weather it changes and how often.

In order to provide customers insight into the origin and the quality of all Pan Komerc® profiled and flat metal sheets on the reverse side have printed the name of the factory Arcelor-Mittal®.


Installation recommendations



It is paramount that all delivered profiles are stored in dry and ventilated space if not installed immediately. Otherwise the moisture can penetrate between sheets and cause surface damage in the absence of oxygen. Proper sign clearly warns about possible damage.


While installing sheet metal products (especially prepainted), use of grinders is strictly forbidden. Otherwise, hot chippings melt polyester paint and zinc coating while steel base is exposed to weather elements and starts to rust. If grinder is used by mistake, the chippings should be immediately brushed away from sheet metal surface. Sheet metal hand scissors or metal cutting saw should be used for cutting.

Pan metal sheets advantages compared to other roofing products


Pan roofing profiles are up to 7 times lighter than clay or concrete roofing tiles. Metal rofing profiles do not overburden the roof and recquire less subconstruction and therefore reduce overall cost.



Pan Komerc products are wrapped in PVC film which prevents water to penetrate inside the package if stored outside. It also reduces the risk of mechanical damage or weather elements impact. Roofing profiles are stored and bound to pallets or wooden beams depending on overall size and quantity.


Earthquake, wind and hail resistance

Concrete and clay tiles rely on their weight to stay in place while Pan roofing profiles, with it`s fixing system, remain intact durring high winds or earhquakes. 30 mm hail can inconsiderably damage profile surface but it cannot run trough the sheet metal. Therefore, with metal roofing there is no leakage risk while clay tiles can compromise the whole roof by braking of a single tile.



All Pan Komerc products are labeled with unique marking which contains crucial data for each order. This label also provides an insight to product specification on which is applied in order to improve delivery control. In order to track raw material origin and production process the label contains factory number, date and worker name.



Pan roofing profiles do not suffer from color intensity loss or protective coatings loss and gradually gain surface layer which desreases sheet metal gloss. Lighter metal roofing colors (white, silver) are proven to be 5-10% more durable than darker colors (brown, blue, etc...) which are more vulnerable to UV rays.


Storage and handling

After packaging, Pan Komerc products are transported by special forklifts equiped for long loads or coil adapters. All products are stored on special shelves where the risk of damage by handling is reduced to minimum.

Sheet metal buying guide

Sheet metal buying guide

Sheet metal buying guide

Sheet metal buying guide

Training & Education

Pan Komerc® continuously learns from their customers but a few times a year we are the teachers. In a specially equipped rooms our customers can go through the technical and commercial training for new technologies and products. In addition to the presentation of new methods and principles of construction there are practical exercises on adequate training structures.

Training & Education

Training & Education

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