How we work?

After 30 years of doing business and over 45 years of rich experience in metal trade we are proud to say that Pan Komerc is one of the pioneers in profiling and cold forming of aluminum and galvanized steel sheets for roofs and facades.

How we work?

In order to be confident in quality of our products we have selected reliable and proven suppliers which are regional leaders in their business. Proven quality od used materials and continuous control of each steel coil gives us confidence in durability and value of our products. Also, largo storage space, our own customs warehouse and more than 2.000 tons of stock material give us insurance that we can respond to any request by our associates.

With strict material flow overview procedures, though production process, up to product delivery, we guarantee to the customers the origin, chemical and mechanical properties of used materials with quality certificates and technical documents for delivered products.

Continuous development and improvement of production equipment insures delivery of products with great precision and technical characteristics. Seventeen sheet metal profiling lines, two lines for expanded metal, lines for facade lamella, rain gutters, slitting and cut-to-length line, three bending machines and numerous tools are just a fraction of production equipment laid out across 5000 sq. m.of facilities.

Whole production process is conformed to ISO9001:2015 standard and ISO14001:2015 as well. Reliability of our products has been proved by CE mark for exporting products to EU as we were the first sheet metal company in the region to implement it.

Our values

People ahead of profit: Company priority goal is not accumulation of funds but creating a new value through our work. We give back to our employees a bit more then the energy they put through work. That way we support general progress and care that everyone has a life filled with joy.

Exceed the expectations: We treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated. Properties and quality of our products and services are on the same level with the products that we would like to own ourselves. We always provide our clients a bit more in value for the money they spent, We do not meet their expectations, we exceed them.

Partnership: We build our relationship with our clients, customers and subcontractors through partnership and friendship. Honest and open conversation are one of our priorities.

Continuous development: The nature of everything in the world is growth and development and therefore we think that nothing is so good it cannot be upgraded. That way we are fully committed to continuous development.

Problems are welcome: Moving towards the goal needs constant course corrections. Therefore, we do not see problems as obstacles but chances for growth, development and learning.

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