Integrated Microelecrtonics - IMI

Decorative perforated aluminium panels + facade and ceiling lamellas

  Location: Niška Banja, Niš, Serbia
  Year: 2018.
  Client: Integrated Microelectronics, Filipini
  Surface: 1500 m2
  Product: Perforated aluminium panels 2 mm thick, Pan-Ks facade and ceiling lamellas

Perforated facade covering is produced from both sides painted aluminium in 2 mm thickness. Colour is RAL9010. Each element has a unique geometry which forms angled vertical gaps. Facade cladding is also visible from the inside considering it is mounted over the glass facade. Pan-Ks lamellas are used for canteen and main entrance walls and ceiling covering, as well as front gate building. Grey tones of prepainted galvanized steel are used in thickness 0.7 mm.

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