Antikondenz felt

DR!PSTOP antikondenz felt solves one of the biggest problems of metal roofing: condensation!

Dripping of moisture occurs on uninsulated metal sheets in periods of day when the temperature of outside air is higher than one inside the building, mostly at night. Moisture absorbed by DR!PSTOP is 1 l/m2 it evaporates by natural ventilation durring the day. The felt is selfadhesive material and it is applied on the back of the sheet metal prior to the corrugation process.

Advantages of DR!PSTOP:

  • Underlayers are not required
  • Faster roof instalation
  • Additional sheet metal protection
  • Absorbes sound (rain)
  • Bacterial resistance
  • Fire resistance class A2-s1 (Standard EN 13501)
Antikondenz felt

Condensation process

Moisture begins to collect on the roof from sunset

Felt absorbes the moisture

Felt dries during the day


Use of Dr!pstop antikondenz felt

Pan-T2 Pan-T10 Pan-T18 Pan-T40 Pan-T60 Pan-T150 Pan-S18 Pan-S27
Pan-LT18 Pan-LT40 Pan-LS18 Pan-LS27 Pan-C15 Pan-C40 Pan-F Ks / Kz

Ventilation process


For anticondensation felt to work properly, natural roof ventilation is required in order to dry the membrane during the day. Otherwise, moisture stays in the felt and starts to drip. Moisture absorbed by DR!PSTOP is 1 liter per square meter.


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